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On Hypersexuality and The DSM V to get a more rounded view and idea of what it is and its history as part of Psychiatric Disorders.

Single Synapse - Traumatic Brain Injury

I’ve come to the understanding that during an episode of psychosis, dealing with symptoms of mania, a person can do things they would normally “never” consider in 1 million years.

<i>Hypersexual</i> Disorder Sns -

Hypersexual Disorder Sns -

When I facilitated the Sarasota DBSA (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance), one member, who just a week earlier was arrested after streaking down town Main Street, regretted doing it, but only had “vague” memories of it; mostly from what was written in the newspaper.

Lingerie and Lithium Flirting with Bipolar <i>Hypersexuality</i> Nectar.
Sex And The Manic Mind – Elena Peters

She expressed her sorrow and disappointment because it was the third time she had done it! ) Another person would lock herself in her house during periods of mania to avoid getting in trouble with her hypersexuality issues.What is sexual addiction? What causes

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