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Hypersexuality and Technology is A Dangerous Mix! Mental Health.

On Hypersexuality and The DSM V to get a more rounded view and idea of what it is and its history as part of Psychiatric Disorders.

What is sexual addiction? What causes

I’ve come to the understanding that during an episode of psychosis, dealing with symptoms of mania, a person can do things they would normally “never” consider in 1 million years.

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When I facilitated the Sarasota DBSA (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance), one member, who just a week earlier was arrested after streaking down town Main Street, regretted doing it, but only had “vague” memories of it; mostly from what was written in the newspaper.

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Single Synapse - Traumatic Brain Injury

She expressed her sorrow and disappointment because it was the third time she had done it! ) Another person would lock herself in her house during periods of mania to avoid getting in trouble with her hypersexuality issues.The #1 Kent Dating Site, Join Free at Date

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